Articles for Board Members

These articles were written from January 2020 to the current date to supplement our frequently asked questions section on this website and to provide you with valuable information.

Increasing Attendance at HOA Annual Meetings

Who Can Attend Board Meetings–Open Meeting Act

Board Meeting Definition

Distribution of HOA Minutes

Parliamentary Procedure - Robert's Rules

Minimum Number of Board Meetings

Loss of a Quorum

Minutes of Board Meetings

Adjournment of Meetings

Annual Membership Meetings Required

Agenda Required for Meetings

Executive Session Meetings

Recording Board and Homeowner Meetings

Minutes – Checklist

Minutes of Executive Sessions

Taking Minutes at Disciplinary Hearings

Secret Recording of Executive Session Meetings by Board Members

Recusal of Board Members

Emergency Board Meetings

Summary of Reserve Study Laws

FAQ About Reserve Studies

Timeline for HOA Budgets and Reserve Studies

Do Sewer Lines, Drain Lines, Gas Lines, and Plumbing Pipes Belong in a Reserve Study Calculation?

Consequences of Failing to Obtain Reserve Studies

Are Reserve Studies Required by FHA?

Election of Officers by Board of Directors

Duties of HOA President or CEO

Duties of Vice President of HOA Board

Duties of an HOA Treasurer - Chief Financial Officer

Duties of an HOA Secretary - Corporate Secretary

Duties of Member at Large - Director at Large

Delegation of Duties by Boards

Limitations on Board Members

Disciplinary Hearings - Due Process

Attorneys at Hearings - Violation of CC&Rs and/or Rules

Evidence at Disciplinary Hearings

Anonymous Complaint - Violation Hearings

Disciplinary Procedure

Proposed Operating Rule - Notice to Members


Reserve Studies Required – Reserve Funds

Minimum Reserve Contributions

Reserve Expenses - Unanticipated

Reserve Fund Expenditures

Borrowing from Reserves

Filling Vacant Board Positions

Selecting An Agent for Service of Process for Your Business

Parliamentary Procedure Glossary of Terms

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