Returning Ballots to Inspector of Election

To avoid the possibility of ballot tampering, sealed envelopes containing ballots can be returned to the inspector of election by mail or by hand delivery to a location specified by the inspector of election. (Civil Code Section 5115(a)(2).)

The Davis-Stirling Act does not prohibit a third party from delivering ballots to the Inspector of Election. The method of delivery to the Inspector of Election is not relevant so long as the ballot is delivered without any signs of tampering. To safeguard against ballot tampering, associations may adopt restrictions similar to those used by some states. If voters are unable to return their ballot for any reason, they may designate another person to return the ballot for them. An election rule may specifically limit the acceptable group of eligible persons to family members or others. Examples include a spouse, domestic partner, child, parent, brother, sister, grandchild, or person residing with the member/voter.

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